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Organizers:   The Hedge Fund Association
Name:   HFA Emerging Manager Perspectives Symposium
Description:   Are you considering launching a new hedge fund? Are you an emerging manager struggling to raise assets? If so, don't miss this informative panel of experienced investors, incubators and marketers who will discuss what is required for success. These experts will offer their perspectives on building an operational and risk management infrastructure, effective marketing and investor relations strategies, dealing with seed and early stage investors, due diligence expectations, and more. You will also hear about the most current legal and regulatory issues affecting fund managers.
Discount:   Complimentary for Members
Location:   New York, NY
StartDate:   Thursday, April 26, 2012
EndDate:   Thursday, April 26, 2012
Url:   www.hedgefundpr.net/hfa_ny_symposium_042612.html
Email:   lblock@thehfa.org
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